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Mallory 11106M Mallory, Inline EFI Pump - ..

Comp Pump® Series Electric Fuel Pumps; Model 110FI; High Performance; For High Pressure Fuel Injecti..


Mallory 205M Mallory Cap, Supermag, V8 HEI..

Distributor Cap; V8 HEI Terminal; Fits Mallory Super-Mag® II/III/IV Magneto/Sprintmag® II Magneto/Se..


Mallory 208M Mallory Cap, Dist, 8Cyl Screw..

Distributor Cap; For 32/42 Series Distributors; Screw Down; 8 Cylinder; Red;Delivers unrestricted sp..


Mallory 20902 Mallory Drive Belt, Front Dr..

Drive Belt; Fits Front Drive Comp 9000 Distributors;Mallory offers the most innovative ignition prod..


Mallory 209D Mallory Cap, Dist, Mal Marine

Marine Distributor Cap; For Crusador/Hardin/Dearborn/Ford 289-302/Ford 351W/Ford 351C/Tall Block Che..


Mallory 209M Mallory Cap, Dist, Mal, 8Cyl

Distributor Cap; For 23/24/25/26/27 Series Distributors; Socket Style; 8 Cylinder; Red;Delivers unre..


Mallory 221B Mallory Cap, Dist, Flat Marin..

Marine Distributor Cap; For Dearborn/Owens Yacht/Chris Craft/OMC/Guardin/Hardin/Panther/Crusader/For..


Mallory 221MAL Mallory Cap, Dist, 8Cyl, Fl..

Distributor Cap; 8 Cylinder; Mallory Series YL Vented/Non-flame Arrested; 25/26/37/38/50; w/Flat Cap..


Mallory 22257 Mallory, Pump, EFI 60gph

Comp Pump Series 60FI; High Performance EFI Electric Pump; Gerotor Type Motor; Delivers 60+ psi;Thes..


Mallory 225 Mallory Cap, Dist 25, 4Cyl

Distributor Cap; For 25/26/37/38 Series Distributors; Socket Style; Clamp Down Design; YL [Vented/No..


Mallory 226 Mallory Cap, Dist 25, 6Cyl

Distributor Cap; For 25/26/37/38 Series Distributors; Clamp Down; YL [Vented/Non-Flame Arrested]; 6 ..


Mallory 25042 Mallory Point Set, YL (23, 2..

Performance Points; For 23/24/25/26/27 Series Distributors; Incl. Wire;Mallory offers the most innov..


Mallory 25042X Mallory Points, Set, YL HD

Performance Points; For YL/23/25 Series; Heavy Duty;Point set for MALLORY 23,25, 27 and YL series D..


Mallory 270 Mallory Cap, Dist, 6Cyl, Mal

Distributor Cap; 6 Cylinder; Mallory Series YL Vented/Non-Flame Arrested; 23/24/27/45/46/47/50/57/60..


Mallory 270B Mallory Cap, Dist, 6Cyl

Distributor Cap; 6 Cylinder; Mallory Dist. YL Non-Vented/Flame Arrested; 6 Cylinder; Red;Delivers un..


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